Survey Programming

Engaging, easy to understand and result driven survey questionnaires that are designed suiting your research needs

Making Your Survey Engaging with the Right Software Solutions

A survey is one of the common tools that is used in market research. To get the desired outcome the questions must be rightly framed and answered. We use Survey Programming to make sure we capture meaningful insights that will help our clients.

Survey programming translates your survey requirement in form of a questionnaire making sure that we capture insights that our clients are looking for. Our services can be tailored according to the need of our clients. We have a team of researchers specialized in meeting multi-faceted survey programming needs. Our team ensures that we deliver premium quality service and create an engaging environment for respondents as well. We have experts with us with hands-on experience in working with survey programming, open-end coding, online panel management as well as scripting.

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Benefits of Survey Programming

  • Flexible & Agile
  • Factual & Robust
  • Secure & Dependable

After working for years in data management and market research domain we have experience in working on different types and scales of research projects. We have a combination of the best resources, and innovative and technologically advanced research tools that help us in conducting engaging surveys across the world.

We try to create an exceptional survey experience to draw better results. The survey programming solutions are suitable for our client's needs and are result-driven. We follow a transparent approach and involve our clients through the survey process. We take their inputs and incorporate them wherever possible starting from questionnaire designing the questionnaire, survey programming, questionnaire translation and processing of collected data.

Our survey programmers along with our project managers conduct premium quality research by following an integrated approach and delivering authentic results.

Survey Programming Services We Offer




Questionnaire Designing


Questionnaire translations


Open-end Coding


Real-time reporting


Mobile Optimization

dotHresearch used different platforms, tools and programming languages for conducting multi-mode research studies keeping in mind our client’s requirements. We use multiple devices and forums to engage respondents while conducting the survey. We create custom online tools to improve the online experience or to replicate an offline methodology. All our programmers have 3+ years of Market Research experience and are experts in Voxco, Surveywriter and Kinesis. Our team assesses your research needs and then depending upon your research needs suggests the most appropriate research method.

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